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Do you feel like you're alone? Like you're the only person going through pain? Have you ever felt alone in a group of people? As if there is no one like you and no can understand how you feel?

This is often the experience of people who are marginalized, whether it's because of their gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity, or religion.  The effects of such experiences can lead to stress, psychosomatic pain, and mental illness. Psychotherapy can help you combat these issues and establish a system of support. Your life can be wonderful and manageable with our help. 

Magnolia Mental Health


Welcome to Magnolia Mental Health, a mental health practice and resource center created by Quinn Gee, LPC.

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Quinn Gee is from Clarksdale, MS, a current resident of Washington D.C, and began practicing psychotherapy in 2014. Quinn is an alumna of the University of Mississippi, holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Professional Counseling, and is currently a PhD candidate with a focus on advanced human behavior.

Chloe Cook is from Jackson, MS, a current resident of Atlanta, GA, and began practicing psychotherapy in 2014. Chloe is an alumna of Jackson State University, holds a BS in Accounting, and an MS in Marriage & Family Therapy.


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