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About Us

Magnolia Mental Health is a psychotherapy practice located in Washington, DC. MMH was founded on March 1, 2017 in Memphis, TN by Quinn Gee-Edwards. After working in various clinics, programs, and a group practice in the Memphis area, Quinn saw directly the limits of the mental healthcare system and the lack of diversity in approaches and providers. It was important to Quinn to create healing spaces that were safe for marginalized clients and to have those services provided by clinicians who identify within the clients' communities.

Since relocating MMH to Washington, DC in April 2017, Quinn has grown the practice to include 7 therapists licensed in DC, VA, & NY, annual intensives, interns, journals, and over 300 clients. Despite the growing success and team, MMH continues the original mission of helping the most marginalized clients, with over 30% of the clients being under- or unemployed and paying either a scholarship rate or seen pro bono.