"We can help you blossom…”

Individual Psychotherapy

Intakes (initial sessions) are usually 55-60 minutes, while subsequent sessions typically last 45-50 minutes. Prices for intakes are $175/hr and individual sessions are $150/hr.

*Open Path clients rate is $50/hr.



MMH offers group therapy, with several groups for specialized issues and for a limited time. Group rates are $35/hr and typically last 2 hours and are weekly. 

Screening for group therapy is required prior to joining. Screening rates and length are the same as intake rates for individual sessions. 

At this time there are no current group sessions running


Family therapy sessions are available for families who need help with communication, support, trauma, and interpersonal relationships. Family sessions are $160/hr, last 60-65 minutes, and may be co-facilitated.



60-minute session. All couples welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality, or structure (poly, D/s, open, etc.) $160/hr.


Speaking and booking rates are those of family therapy rates unless specified otherwise. 


At this time, Magnolia Mental Health does not accept any insurances. Scholarships are limited and depend on funding availability. Please inquire about criteria for scholarships.

All payments can be made via PayPal or through the Client Portal with a credit/debit card.